Updating multiple fields in access House wife sex chat

22-May-2016 20:54

updating is usually done with a primary key and in your case the customer-id is what you will need for updates.

if you have the lastname in the where clause, there are still chances of updating multiple records if you have many customers with the same last name.

Is there a way to update all the three columns in one shot or another way that update can be done?

Can anyone help me see what I'm missing that would make this work? Screen Updating = False ' Prevents screen refreshing. Connection Dim Database Name As String Dim Table Name As String Dim rs As ADODB. ", vb Information Set cn = Nothing I see what your saying. This code that updates a single record based on the Pop ID in the Access table uses the Active Cell function highlighted in bold along with the sql statement. That is how the excel file is connected to the Access table. Select s SQL = "SELECT * FROM tbl Population WHERE Pop ID = " & lng ID Set cnn = New ADODB. It is numerical and matches with the primary key filed in the Access table. Field Dim My Conn Dim lng Row As Long Dim lng ID As Long Dim j As Long Dim s SQL As String lng Row = Range("A1: A228"). Col W ); Your database management system should be able to see that for each row in Table A, all three correlated sub-queries access the same row in Table B.

Therefore, it should optimize the query so that it is only accessing the row in Table B once for each row in Table A.

"; I have Customer ID but it is auto increment in Access Do I need to change something down in the code.